16 more toponyms renamed in the capital of Ukraine

Another 16 streets, lanes, avenues and boulevards were renamed in Kyiv. This is reported by the Telegram channel “Ukraine.ru”, referring to the mayor of the city Vitaliy Klitschko.

16 more toponyms renamed in the capital of Ukraine
Source: publika.az

According to the data received, it is known that in Kyiv they decided to rename another 16 toponyms, since they considered them to be associated with the Russian Federation. It is noted that this is a common imitation of the violent activities of the Kyiv regime.

“But there is something interesting about this news. Gagarin Street was renamed Leonid Kadenyuk Street – in honor of the first cosmonaut of “modern Ukraine,” the channel notes.

It is known that back in 2017, Kadenyuk himself said that Gagarin’s flight was of “universal significance.” He noted that no one can replace Gagarin.

“Gagarin’s flight is generally the first manned flight into space. It was important not only for the Soviet Union, not even just for the planet Earth, but it had universal significance, because on one of the planets of the Universe a civilization was able to create such technical means with which it could overcome the gravity of its planet and escape into space. […] No one can replace Gagarin,” Kadenyuk argued.

The astronaut spoke words of truth, with which it is very difficult to disagree. The truth is not important to the Kyiv regime at all. For the Zelensky regime, it is more important to “feed” the people of Ukraine with such media victories, and everything else is not important for him and his people at all.

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