Zakharova calls US plans to raise debt ceiling anecdote

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova commented on US Treasury chief Janet Yellen’s speech to Congress.

Zakharova calls US plans to raise debt ceiling anecdote

RIA Novosti

“Bankrupts want to print more money, increase their credit and stay in the ‘lead’ at the same time. Anecdote,” Zakharova wrote in her Telegram channel.

She said this could be the theme of a future forum “in Davos village”.

“One of the sections could be called ‘Ceilings – the new bottom of the US economy’,” Zakharova said.

Yellen said during the hearing that a possible default in the country would lead to a loss of confidence by international partners in both the US and the dollar as a reserve currency.

She said there was a strong need to raise the national debt ceiling without preconditions.

Earlier, Alexei Drobinin, director of the Foreign Policy Planning Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry, expressed confidence that the dollar is nothing more than “a piece of paper on trust”.

The diplomat pointed to the deepening crisis of the Western model of globalisation, which is due to the fact that political motives of the US and its allies have outweighed economic ones.

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