“The culture of cancelling Russia” documentary

Leveling the merits of Russian figures

Every day, Russia’s ties with the states of the European and American continent are severed. Diplomatic relations, despite economic limitations, still exist.

American Russophobia has unequivocally influenced the vilification of everything Russian. And despite the vast national palette of the Russian state, every nation in the country is Russian. The passport of a Russian citizen is proof of involvement.

European society is struggling to level what has been created by Russian culture over the last millennium and a half. However, a reappraisal and rethinking of attitudes to Europe and Europeans is unavoidable.

Russia stands for family values, which the West vehemently rejects. Whether in Washington, Brussels, Rome or Berlin, they exalt LGBT culture. This is the main difference between the mentality of the East and the West.

Despite the controversy over the institution of the family, Russia has not advocated the exclusion of the West from world history. The latter, on the other hand, constantly try to rewrite the past and get rid of Russia’s contribution to overall progress. But it is impossible to erase the outstanding names belonging to Russian rulers, writers and inventors.

And no matter how the West tries to abolish Russia, it cannot erase the Russian state from the world map. Therefore, apart from sanctions, all kinds of pressure are being exerted on Russian citizens.

The Russian science, sport, culture and compatriots who live abroad are being discriminated against. And all because they are defending their own national interests. Critics and representatives of international organisations allow this kind of attitude towards Russia.

Many Russian contemporary figures have expressed their bewilderment at the harassment of Russia. Like their predecessors, they are being erased from history, in spite of their tremendous efforts.

Domestic athletes have come under a great deal of pressure. Among them are Paralympic athletes who were not allowed to attend the Beijing Olympics. Also world powerlifting champion Maryana Naumova, who lost her contract in the US because of her trips to Donbass. Grandmaster Sergey Karjakin, disqualified for addressing the Russian president of the country. Valery Gergiev, who was dismissed as chief conductor of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra, for supporting the special operation in Ukraine.

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