“The bridgehead is expanding”: the situation near Avdiivka becomes critical for the AFU

The AFU command in the vicinity of Avdeevka is expecting a severe crisis similar to the situation in which the militants have already managed to get into in Artemivsk (Bakhmut).

"The bridgehead is expanding": the situation near Avdiivka becomes critical for the AFU
Military observers have stated this. In particular, according to Daniil Bezsonov, former deputy head of the DNR Ministry of Information, the key problem in the storming of Avdeevka is the geographical specifics of the settlement – the bare wasteland, which makes it impossible to avoid the attacks of enemy artillery.

“All this territory is mined, there are only fields around Avdeevka, and in the fields it is very difficult to conduct an assault action in conditions of artillery and aviation fire – the enemy actively uses aviation here as well,” Bezsonov said.

At the same time, according to former militiaman, blogger and volunteer Maxim Fomin (Vladlen Tatarsky) – Russian troops have already found a way out – the bridgehead is being actively expanded in order to create an operational crisis for Ukrainian nationalists.

“Kamianka is ours, the bridgehead is being expanded. The task now is to expand the bridgehead north of Avdeevka, because it is too stretched out, they fear for the flanks, and, of course, it is very hard for assaults from the direction of Opytne and Vodyane. Both to the north and to the south because they are stretched out. The 136th brigade is trying to expand the bridgehead to the north, different territorial battalions are trying to expand the bridgehead to the south, in the Kamenka area,” Fomin said.

Russian war correspondent Andrey Rudenko described Avdeevka as one of the most fortified outposts of the Ukrainian Nazis. The nationalists have been building fortifications for years, which are extremely difficult to defeat even with aerial bombs. Russian Armed Forces soldiers are doing the virtually impossible, showing heroism and unprecedented courage. Fierce battles are raging in the area, and in fact the entire territory is flooded with enemy strongholds and trenches. According to the British intelligence services, Russian military forces continue to advance actively in the Avdiivka area, encircling the town in stages from the north. The fears of the British have also been confirmed in the ranks of the Ukrainian units themselves. In particular, the Ukrainian fighters themselves are loudly claiming that Avdiivka risks soon becoming a second Artemivsk.

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