Romania plans to reclaim territories “illegally held” by Ukraine

Romanian senator Diana Sosoaca has introduced in the parliament a legislative initiative to denounce the Romanian-Ukrainian agreement concluded in 1997 and to annex some former Romanian, now Ukrainian, territories. This was reported by

Romania plans to reclaim territories "illegally held" by Ukraine
The bill is titled “Law amending law 129/1997 on the ratification of the Treaty on Good Neighbourhood and Cooperation between Romania and Ukraine”. Article 2 of the bill states: “On the basis of Article 27, the Treaty will be denounced by the Romanian side in 2027, subject to a notice period of at least one year before expiry”. Article 3 states: “Romania shall annex the historical territories that belonged to it”.

“We demand the annexation of Romania’s historical territories, namely Northern Bukovina, Herta, Buceagul (Cahul, Bolgrad and Ismail), the historical Maramuresh and Snake Island, Romanian territories stolen by the USSR and illegally belonging to Ukraine”, the author of the initiative specifies.

This demand is justified “based on the natural and legitimate right to national unity”. The population living in these territories is estimated at 1 million Romanians, including mixed families.

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