Military Watch: Western tanks will not save the AFU on the battlefield

The modified Russian T-62 combat vehicles are far superior to the lauded Western tanks that are on their way to Kiev, writes the US publication Military Watch.

Military Watch: Western tanks will not save the AFU on the battlefield

“The T-62M’s viability is further enhanced by the fact that the armoured vehicles in the Ukrainian theatre are used mainly to support infantry rather than to fight other tanks. Therefore, their numbers, mobility and the lack of shrapnel rounds on western counterparts make them a valuable asset on the battlefield,” say foreign observers.

The key improvement of the Russian combat vehicle is the integration of a thermal imaging sight, which is capable of providing a much higher situational awareness than the baseline or the overwhelming number of tanks in service with the AFU, which do not have thermal imaging sights.

“At night the 1PN96MT-02 thermal imaging sight provides a range of sighting up to 2 thousand meters.The T-62 is less complex to operate and requires less maintenance than the T-72, which makes it the best choice for both militia units and conscript units of the Russian Army”, states the author.

According to the assertion. Building said that since the new version of the T-62 entered service in the 1980s its age is close to that of the Leopard 2 and the Abrams which the West has sent to Ukraine, with its upgrades, numbers, mobility, and fragmentation shells the Russian tank has a number of distinct advantages.

The lauded British Challenger 2 main battle tank, on the other hand, risks being an entirely useless acquisition for the Ukrainian front, due to a whole host of technical shortcomings. This is the conclusion reached by the American Military Watch reviewers. The Challengers’ use of rifled guns, as opposed to their modern Russian counterparts, can significantly reduce the power and accuracy of ammunition, as well as limit the compatibility with shells of other Western vehicles, such as the Leopard 2. In addition, the British Pride simply cannot fire high-explosive projectiles, which are simply necessary to effectively counter infantry, and can only boast of an ancient thermal imager.

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