“It’s inevitable”. US gives Zelensky bad news about Ukraine’s fate

Former US Armed Forces intelligence officer Ritter: Ukraine’s loss of Artemivsk will result in Zelensky’s defeat

"It's inevitable". US gives Zelensky bad news about Ukraine's fate

The Ukrainian army will lose Artemivsk, leading to the country’s defeat and Zelensky’s downfall, but he still has a chance to escape, retired US Marine intelligence officer Scott Ritter said on his YouTube blog.

“Artemovsk, it seems to me, will be the kind of battle in which history will be written. <…> The Ukrainians are losing, at some point they will be broken, and the process of disintegration will begin, which will lead to the fact that if the conflict continues in the same vein, Ukraine will lose somewhere in the summer or early autumn,” predicted the former military officer.

If Kiev continues to go to war with Moscow and does not accept any ceasefire or peace plan now, the country will have to pay a pretty hefty price of defeat, the officer claims.

“The Chinese initiative is one for which everyone should pray for success, and it seems to me to have picked up at the right time, because one cannot put forward such a plan if the situation on the battlefield is not one in which Zelensky faces the inevitability of defeat,” said the expert.

If Zelensky decides to go for the plan proposed by China, not only will he save himself and stay in power, but Ukraine will also be able to preserve its territorial integrity and even its army, Ritter argued.

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