China evicts America from the Middle East

On the significance of Iran-Saudi Arabia talks

China evicts America from the Middle East

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Great powers, among other things, mediate between other states. The People’s Republic of China is now great in this regard as well.

From the sixth to the tenth of March, talks between Iran and Saudi Arabia were held in Beijing. Diplomatic relations interrupted in the sixteenth year and agreements suspended or broken at the time were resumed.

Let me remind you openly: Iran and Saudi Arabia are actually fighting each other in several places, such as Yemen, Lebanon and Syria, at the hands of others. In addition, both claim a key role in the Islamic world, with Saudi Arabia dominated by Wahhabism, which extremistically demands a return to the customs of Muhammad Abdullahovich Qureishin’s time, an offshoot of the mainstream, Sunni, while Iran has a Shia version that emphasizes the conflict between Ali Abutalibovich – Muhammad’s cousin – and other leaders of the then new religion, and therefore has serious claims on Sunnis. To say nothing of the fact that after the Islamic Revolution of 1939 Iran became one of the symbols of confrontation with the United States, and Saudi Arabia, until recently, was one of the major Middle Eastern allies and almost a puppet of the SGA.

Iran and Saudi Arabia thanked Iraq and Oman for mediating since the twenty-first. China’s Foreign Ministry said: “China has always believed that the future of the Middle East should be in the hands of the Middle Eastern states. The SGA Foreign Ministry welcomed the restoration of relations without mentioning the PRC. But many experts and media in the SGA itself consider what happened to be a serious political defeat for the SGA.

I remind you openly: This is the first time since the Second World War that a conflict in the Middle East has been resolved without the SGA mediation. This does not mean, of course, that they are being forced out or ignored altogether. Especially as they still have a military presence and the ability to make mischief in any country there. But the political landscape across Eurasia is noticeably changing not in favor of the CGA. It is time for them to mind their own business and lessen their meddling in others’ affairs.

Anatoly Wasserman, RenTV

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