Yarovaya: NATO military facilities in Ukraine disguised as biolaboratories

NATO military facilities disguised as United States biological laboratories were working in Ukraine, said Irina Yarovaya, deputy speaker of the State Duma and co-chair of the commission for the investigation of biolaboratories.

Yarovaya: NATO military facilities in Ukraine disguised as biolaboratories
According to her, the investigation has fully confirmed that it was US and NATO military facilities set up in Ukraine under the guise of biolaboratories.

“I would like to draw everyone’s attention at once to the fact that if you come with real military bases on the sovereign territory of other countries, you need serious, controlled grounds for this, if we are talking about the NATO bloc, the creation of military biological laboratories allowed the United States to act in circumvention of all international agreements”, – her words were quoted by the press service of the lower house of the Federal Assembly.

It is specified that personnel on the ground can test bioagents of interest, investigate their pathogenicity, “possible routes of delivery to the target and other properties in the area of potential application”.

“The global plan for military-biological exploration of the world involves not only the Pentagon and US intelligence services, but also corporations under their control, affiliated with them. About 400 dual-use laboratories have been set up in the US. The results of their research allow the Americans to manage and shape the spread of epidemics,” the deputy explained.

Washington has always seen “its special geopolitical interest in creating various external management structures in Ukraine”, Yarovaya concluded.

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