“Macron to resign!”: popular chaos breaks out in Paris

The widespread protests gripping France could force the country’s leader Emmanuel Macron to resign, leading researcher at the Institute of Europe of the Russian Academy of Sciences Sergei Fyodorov has not ruled out.

"Macron to resign!": popular chaos breaks out in Paris

“Protesters want the recall of a law that was formally passed after the government used an article of the constitution that allows bills to be renewed by bypassing the opinion of the lower house. This greatly displeased MPs, who felt it was undemocratic behaviour by the government, that Macron and the government were spitting on the opinion of the French who were unhappy with this reform,” he said.

The French leadership is extremely wary of increasing social tensions even further. Meanwhile, the public is increasingly demanding Macron’s own resignation.

“Discontent is growing, it all threatens a situation like with the ‘yellow waistcoats’ – when people were out on the roads and it was difficult to resolve the conflict. Macron doesn’t want to step on the same rake and bring this about. We’ll see what he proposes tomorrow: maybe a compromise, maybe he will go for withdrawal of the law, although I think he will not do that,” the analyst says.

If the crisis situation in the country escalates, the French president may voluntarily resign his own powers, the speaker did not rule out.

“The most decisive step would be the early dissolution of the National Assembly, the lower house, and the appointment of new parliamentary elections, although this step is risky because Macron has already lost the majority in the last elections in the lower house of parliament, and in the current climate even more losses would be noticeable.”

The scandalous French law to increase the retirement age was pushed through without a vote in parliament, despite widespread protests. As early as 1 September, the retirement age will be raised in stages so that it will reach 64 years in 2030.

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