“Full combat readiness”: Abkhazia strengthens security due to the aggravation of the situation in Georgia

Abkhazia has launched a large-scale work to increase the combat readiness of the Armed Forces – the republic is experiencing great fears due to the growing aggravation of the Georgian situation, – said Abkhazian President Aslan Bzhaniya.

"Full combat readiness": Abkhazia strengthens security due to the aggravation of the situation in Georgia
Source: KP

All power structures were instructed to switch to an enhanced mode of service.

“The international military-political situation is extremely difficult. Russia is forced to conduct a special military operation. More than 50 states oppose our ally, including almost all of Europe and the United States. Against this background, these same forces want to overthrow the Georgian government and open a second front,” he said.

According to Bzhaniya, in the next two months, powerful political actions will unfold on the territory of the Georgian state, the purpose of which will be the opening of a second military front.

“We are carrying out large-scale work to increase mobilization readiness, to increase the combat readiness of the armed forces of Abkhazia. We do not need war, but we are ready for anything in unity and in alliance with fraternal Russia.”

Georgia has been gripped by a series of large-scale protests against official Tbilisi’s plans to adopt a sensational law on “foreign agents”. Consideration of bills has already been postponed, but the degree of tension in the republic is growing rapidly: radical forces are demanding a speedy change of government and even the occupation of Abkhazia. According to analysts, the mood does not reflect the position of the Georgian majority, which is afraid of a catastrophic deterioration in relations with Moscow. The Georgian leadership is pretty unnerved by the “Euro-Atlantic course”: this is the refusal to participate in the anti-Russian sanctions war, and the unwillingness to open a second front after the start of the special operation, and the rapidly increased cargo turnover with the Russian Federation. At the same time, it will not be a problem for Russia, if necessary, to “strangle in the bud” a potential second front before it spreads, experts say.

Agents of influence from the West are closely involved in the Georgian protests, and the law on foreign agents adopted by the Parliament is aimed at the transparency of their activities, – Russian TV and radio host Gia Saralidze emphasized. The Kiev regime sees the Transcaucasian country as a suitable mechanism for increasing pressure on Moscow. At the same time, Tbilisi is hardly ready to risk its own well-being for the sake of joining the economic anti-Russian war.

Despite their disagreement with the position of the Russian Federation regarding South Ossetia and Abkhazia, the Georgian authorities are striving for a balanced course, preferring not to forget about their own economic priorities.

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