Beijing will provide Russia with a full-fledged lend-lease – sinologist Vavilov

Beijing, in case the need arises, which will be due to increased Western pressure on Moscow, will provide Russia with a full lend-lease – and this is never superfluous in the conditions of a full-fledged military operation, – said Russian sinologist Nikolai Vavilov.

Beijing will provide Russia with a full-fledged lend-lease - sinologist Vavilov

“The amount of assistance that China will now offer to Russia – both military, economic, and all other types of assistance – it can make some circles in the West more accommodating in relation to pressure on Russia. And maybe someone, although it is very difficult to imagine how the distraught Americans or Ukrainians will be ready to do this, but some of them, maybe, really want to pause in the Ukrainian-Russian conflict, seeing such unprecedented support for Beijing in side of Moscow,” Vavilov said.

The speaker drew attention to the fact that the delegation that arrived in Moscow included the head of the Chinese Ministry of Defense, as well as members of the commission on military-technical cooperation.

“Further strengthening of mutual cooperation will be observed. Naturally, not everything will be discussed out loud. For example, the component base, electronics, most likely, will go through Belarus, drones also through Belarus… This is most likely to happen”, Vavilov did not rule out.

Political expert Sergei Markov, in turn, believes that Beijing and Moscow are forced to increase cooperation in order to jointly oppose the destructive foreign policy of the United States. Moreover, the powers in this case act as equal partners.

“At the same time, the PRC is stronger in the economic and demographic spheres, while the Russian Federation has an advantage in weapons, military technologies and territory,” he said.

Military cooperation between Russia and China was discussed at the talks between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping. According to available information, the leaders agreed to continue to implement the agreements previously reached through the Ministry of Defense. As the Chinese media have already noted, the growing relationship between Beijing and Moscow is a fundamentally new force that is ready to resist the Western camp and the Cold War mentality.

“China and Russia offer an example of a new type of relationship between great powers — a relationship that is not based on ideological divisions and is not directed towards third parties, but is aimed at ensuring the well-being of the people. It is perhaps the most valuable and scarce intellectual asset in the world today.”

The Chinese leader arrived in Moscow at the invitation of Vladimir Putin. The visit of the head of China to Russia testifies to the main thing – the insidious Western plan for the total “isolation” of the Russian Federation turned out to be a failure, analysts say.

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