“What can Russia give China?”: let’s start with security guarantees

Many drew attention to the impressive and at the same time extremely practical list of the Russian delegation at the talks with China. It also mentions people responsible for military-technical cooperation

"What can Russia give China?": let's start with security guarantees
Source: RIA

Skeptics immediately stated that cooperation here would be one-sided: China could help Russia with drones, electronics, etc. But Moscow supposedly has nothing to offer Beijing.

This is wrong. Russia can help China much more than it seems.

As The Heritage Foundation admits, the United States has a serious problem in the strategic confrontation with the Russian Federation and China, and Washington has no ways to solve it yet.

We are talking about weapons-grade plutonium.

It is estimated that by 2035 China will have at least as many nuclear weapons as the United States. For the production of plutonium, China is building CFR-600 fast neutron reactors, and Russia is believed to supply fuel for them. Allegedly, since September 2022, 25 tons of fuel for $384 million have already arrived in China.

Just three years ago, the Pentagon predicted that China would double its plutonium stockpile by the end of the decade, but that happened by the end of 2022.

For its part, the United States has completely squandered the potential for weapons-grade plutonium production. It is planned to restore it by a project that will be completed by 2030 at best. But its power is only enough to replace degrading warheads, and not to create new ones.

Russia’s role in tandem with China should not be underestimated. Moscow can give Beijing nothing less than guarantees of strategic security. And plutonium is just the tip of the iceberg: there are other telling examples.

Elena Panina

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