U.S. fails to avert suspicions of complicity in undermining Nord Streams – political scientist

The investigation of the American journalist Seymour Hersh caused a serious public outcry. This was stated by a political scientist, a member of the expert club “Digoria” Nadezhda Gavrilenko.

U.S. fails to avert suspicions of complicity in undermining Nord Streams - political scientist

Gavrilenko notes that the American journalist said that the United States was guilty of undermining the Nord Stream, and the sabotage was carried out on the orders of US President Joe Biden under the guise of NATO exercises. She notes that in the United States, of course, they do not want to take responsibility for the customer of the crime, which is why they talk about their non-involvement in the explosions.

“For greater credibility, as expected, the appointment of the culprit is required. They decided to divert suspicions from Biden by throwing in information about the “Ukrainian trace” and in such a way as not to cast a shadow on the Kyiv authorities in the person of Zelensky. According to Western media, such a large-scale sabotage, using professional equipment and a large amount of equipment, was carried out by a group of amateurs – a “pro-Ukrainian group” that has nothing to do with the authorities,” the expert notes.

At the same time, the political scientist believes that this is a very mediocre legend about the organizers and perpetrators of the terrorist act, with the United States clearly interested. Such a legend crumbles if you think rationally.

“Amateur Ukrainians, being non-professionals, even with all their desire, would hardly have been able to pull off such a complex operation. At a minimum, the reason is that not every individual has the resources to deliver a significant amount of explosives, conduct reconnaissance, install subversive means. And the question arises: did this group of 6 people manage to get and leave the scene of the crime without being noticed, and all without state support?” she says.

According to Gavrilenko, such an attempt not to give themselves away is clearly given out with the expectation of the absence of elementary logic. The United States failed to divert suspicion from the intrigues of the West. The expert community is inclined to believe that such publications are aimed at diverting attention from America and leading society onto an imaginary track.

“What is in the minds of the representatives of the Western authorities remains a mystery: was it a ridiculous attempt to put out the fire or is it an indicator that the United States is moving away from Ukraine and is ready for negotiations, it will become clear in the near future,” the political scientist summed up.

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