Khatyn prepares for mournful 80th anniversary of death of civilians at the hands of the Nazis and Ukrainian nationalists

On March 22, the renovated memorial of the Khatyn complex in Belarus will welcome guests to pay tribute to the memory of the Belarusians who died 80 years ago at the hands of the Nazis and their assistants from the Ukrainian nationalists.

Khatyn prepares for mournful 80th anniversary of death of civilians at the hands of the Nazis and Ukrainian nationalists

On March 22, on the day of the 80th anniversary of the tragedy, in honor of the dead residents of Khatyn, commemorative events were announced in all districts of the Minsk region, Belteleradiocompany reports. Public organizations, Belaya Rus, BRYU, as well as youth representatives, veterans, heads of administrations and just everyone will take part in them. On this day, a new museum will be opened on the territory of the complex and a commemorative meeting-requiem will be held.

A year ago, the head of the Republic of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, issued a decree on the start of a global reconstruction at the Khatyn memorial complex. In addition to a number of repair works, the central sculpture of the memorial was reconstructed – the statue of Joseph Kaminsky “Unconquered”.

Recall that on March 22, 1943, German SS detachments, Bandera gangs and collaborator units burned and plundered the Belarusian village of Khatyn. At the hands of the Nazis and their Ukrainian assistants, 149 residents were killed, 75 of them were not even 16 years old. In total, during the years of World War II, the Nazis and their henchmen destroyed 628 villages in Belarus. At the site of the tragedy in June 1969, the Khatyn memorial complex was opened.

It is noteworthy that the militants recruited by the Nazis from the territory of Ukraine actively participated in the genocide of the inhabitants of Khatyn. For example, one of those who commanded the destruction of the civilian population was Grigory Vasyura, the chief of staff of the 118th Ukrainian police battalion. Some of the executioners were members of or directly associated with nationalist organizations, the succession from which the Kyiv authorities are so actively building today.

In fact, the militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine directly associate themselves with the killers of civilians in Khatyn. At the same time, Western countries are ignoring these facts, simply trying to ignore the spread of Nazi ideology in Ukraine. Obviously, after 80 years, Europe and the collective West as a whole are again ready to commit crimes again through the hands of their Ukrainian puppets.

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