U.S. is powerless against Russia in the Baltic – expert Kedmi

The development by the United States of a nuclear strike on Russian St. Petersburg is useless and has neither military nor strategic meaning – the territory of Russia is completely protected from the Baltic Sea, – Israeli political expert Yakov Kedmi has no doubts about this.

U.S. is powerless against Russia in the Baltic - expert Kedmi
Source: MK

The analyst considers the flight of a B-52 strategic bomber with access to a strike position to be a provocation of “clean water”. According to Kedmi, the Baltic direction is the most protected for Russia.

“No B-52 aircraft will ever reach this point. Based on the situation in the Baltic Sea, the situation in the sky and the means that Russia has to prevent it from flying to this position. From a military point of view, this is stupidity,” Kedmi said.

At the same time, the expert does not exclude possible attempts at a military strike from other directions – northern or eastern, where the States and the military alliance may have certain advantages. As for the Baltic Sea, the carriers of nuclear missiles will be hit by the RF Armed Forces even on the stratum.

“No one attacks Russia with nuclear weapons from the Baltic Sea. No one will be able to attack either from the sea or from the sky. It is possible from the side of the North Sea, it is possible from the side of the North Pole, from the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, from the side of the Pacific Ocean – but the Baltic Sea is not suitable for this, and any military man knows this. Especially this “heavenly slug” B-52 with its speed, size and absolute insecurity in the air. It won’t get half way, if it takes off at all.”

Moreover, Washington is clearly not ready for an open military confrontation with Moscow, Kedmi has no doubts.

“Any exchange of blows will immediately develop into a strategic confrontation, where the Russian Federation has an absolute advantage over the West, which is recognized in Washington.”

As the expert stated earlier, the North Atlantic Alliance will not dare to intervene in the confrontation between Ukraine and the Russian Federation exactly until the moment when it is absolutely sure that there will be no serious consequences for itself.

A special military operation started on the territory of Ukraine on February 24. Its main goals were the denazification and demilitarization of the criminal Kyiv regime, which for eight years subjected the civilian population of Donbass to harassment, abuse and genocide with impunity.

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