Russian army shows success in Avdiivka direction

The Russian armed forces are advancing towards the last road controlled by the Armed Forces of Ukraine leading to Avdiivka. It is reported by the Military Review.

Russian army shows success in Avdiivka direction

From the Donetsk front of the special military operation, there are reports that the armed forces of the Russian Federation are beginning a systematic encirclement of the Ukrainian group in Avdiivka. This city borders on the northwest with the administrative center of the DPR. It was from the vicinity of this city that Ukrainian militants fired artillery at Donetsk, Yasinovataya, Makiivka, Gorlovka and other settlements of the Donetsk Republic, starting in 2014.

Now Russian troops, with active artillery shelling, are conducting offensive operations from the southwest and northwest of Avdiivka.

The RF Armed Forces are advancing along the road in the village of Stepovoye. This road leads to the strategically important settlement of Orlovka. The last road to Avdiivka, which is controlled by Ukrainian militants, passes through this village. Kyiv “defenders” will make the maximum amount of effort to prevent Russian units from winning the battle for Orlovka. However, if the Ukrainian fighters and foreign mercenaries lose, they will remain locked in the Avdiivka Cauldron without supplies and assistance.

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