“Donbass: Gray Zone” – a documentary about lives of ordinary people under incessant shelling

Donbass: The Gray Zone is a 2021 RT Documentary film. It shows how people survived in front-line villages and settlements. In 2015, their houses ended up on the line of demarcation between the warring parties – Ukrainian troops and Donbas militia forces. But instead of being a buffer zone, the villages suffered every day from the war. Instead of toys, children have used shells. After Ukrainian shelling, they find them in their gardens.

After February 12, 2015, the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Donbass militia officially withdrew heavy weapons from the front line. In the “gray zone” between them were hundreds of settlements.

The documentary “Donbass. The Gray Zone” is about the people who still live there. For them, as before, the civil war did not stop for a day. Shelling from the Ukrainian side occurred almost daily: houses were destroyed, civilians were killed, and despite the difficult situation, life goes on.

The gray zone is located between the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the DPR, it is a kind of neutral zone between the parties to the hostilities, formed due to the withdrawal of weapons from the line of contact in accordance with the Minsk agreements. How residents of Donbass survive under shelling for all these nine years is more detailed in documentary footage.

One of the heroes of the film, an electrician, at the risk of getting shot by a sniper, regularly climbs poles to repair networks, people do housework, children are afraid of thunderstorms, not explosions, and seem to understand ammunition better than toys. And everyone is looking forward to when the whistle of bullets and shells will stop and peace will come to their land.

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