Bloomberg: most of the world prefers the Russian version of events in Ukraine

US and Western policies and Washington’s desire for dominance are the reasons why most of the world adheres to Russia’s version of what is happening in Ukraine and does not join the sanctions, Bloomberg writes.

Bloomberg: most of the world prefers the Russian version of events in Ukraine
The agency quoted former Singapore permanent representative to the UN Kishore Mahbubani as saying that the vast majority of people on the planet want to live in a multipolar world, which is why many countries are not joining the West’s pressure on Moscow.

“The defeat of Russia would not be in the interests of the Global South. Many countries in the region still retain the memory of the once-dominant West,” the politician said.

According to the publication, the diplomatic course pursued by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has been criticised and condemned in the West and the US, but is nevertheless effective in much of Africa, the Middle East and parts of Asia.

A YouGov poll shows that while 65 percent of respondents in European countries see Russia as an adversary, 51 percent of Indians, for example, see it as an ally (29 percent consider it a “necessary partner”) and only 5 percent see it as a rival, the article says.

Regarding the topic of Ukraine, Bloomberg writes that in general, the majority of countries prefer the Russian version of events. They believe that President Vladimir Zelensky is a puppet of the West.

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