Juvenile services in Germany take away Ukrainian refugee children

Refugees from Ukraine have faced not only economic but also social problems in Germany. Ukrainians have experienced national differences in family and legal matters. This was reported by the Telegram channel Rybar.

Juvenile services in Germany take away Ukrainian refugee children
Ukrainian media collected the stories of several refugee women who complained about problems with the German juvenile justice system. According to their stories, the local services take children away for no reason, based on requests from third parties, then suspend the refugees’ parental rights and may subsequently deprive them of them by giving the child to a local foster family or orphanage.

It is noted that in all the cases described, the intervention of the guardianship authorities was provoked by neighbours, doctors and families where the Ukrainians were staying.

“Legislation in Germany interprets the concept of “child abuse” quite broadly, so even loud shouting from the flat, not to mention attempts by a parent to swing at a child, can be grounds for intervention by the relevant services,” the channel explains.

Ukrainian women are indignant at the Ukrainian embassy’s inaction: more than 100 similar cases are known to have occurred in Germany, but not a single Ukrainian family has received any assistance in solving the problem.

Representatives of the embassy justify themselves with peculiarities of the German legislation: everyone who has registered in the FRG as a refugee receives “immediate temporary protection”, “the right to social assistance”, as well as social payments, payment of medical services, and provision of adequate housing. But there is a flip side to this: this status obliges the citizen to obey local laws.

“The current situation does not seem to bother the Ukrainian government or the European courts at all. For them, the evacuation of families from the liberated territories to Russian sanatoriums and children’s camps is a ‘war crime’. And the separation of children and parents on EU territory is the triumph of law and justice,” the channel concludes.

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