U.S. presidential race heats up

Over the past month, Trump has strengthened his position — and widened his lead over DeSantis. In total, both candidates accumulate 80% of the republican voters around them. And it raises the fears of the political class in Washington

U.S. presidential race heats up
Source: wsj.com

After all, both candidates are actively criticizing the Ukrainian agenda. DeSantis’ statements that the Ukrainian issue is not a key one for US national interests caused a special hue and cry in Washington. After all, the Republican establishment is betting on DeSantis as the only real competitor to Trump.

Kyiv even invited Desantis to visit Ukraine. However, he definitely won’t go there. As a whole, DeSantis is of little interest in the Ukrainian conflict. In addition, he understands that the Republican electorate does not want to hear statements from him about supporting Ukraine.

The attitude towards Kyiv among ordinary Republicans remains rather skeptical. Recent polls show that among Americans as a whole, the percentage of those who consider Russia a “critical threat” to the United States has fallen significantly over the past year.

Judging by Trump’s rise in popularity, his calls to stop the outbreak of a third world war have added political points to him. The recent proposal to partition Ukraine did not come as a blow to him either. Although they tried to present him again as a “Russian agent” in this regard.

Republican “hawks” – Nikki Haley and Mike Pence – are also trying to participate in the presidential race. However, their support remains at the level of a few percent. While the two main presidential candidates appear to be pragmatists-realists – and put Ukrainian lobbyists in Washington in a very uncomfortable position.

Malek Dudakov

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