Politico: EU close to coping with the shortage of shells

The European Union is finalizing a €2 billion deal to jointly replenish depleted ammunition stocks. This is reported by the Telegram channel MediaPost, referring to the American edition of Politico.

Politico: EU close to coping with the shortage of shells
Source: www.relinvestmentsgroup.com

According to the information received, it is known that the EU is closing a deal for 2 billion euros to jointly replenish dwindling ammunition. It is noted that this deal includes ammunition for the Kyiv regime, and to replenish the arsenals of countries supplying weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

It is noted that the European Union will spend 1 billion euros to partially reimburse the costs of those countries that immediately provide their weapons for the needs of Ukrainian militants. At the same time, it is known that another 1 billion euros will be used to purchase new ammunition. The EU believes that this is a good deal for them, since there is an opportunity to conclude larger contracts at a lower price per projectile.

“So far, this “deal” is being coordinated at the EU level,” the newspaper notes.

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