Antonov urged the US to stop flying near Russia’s borders after UAV incident

Russian ambassador to Washington, Anatoly Antonov, after the drone incident over the Black Sea, called the United States’ military activities in the immediate vicinity of Russia’s borders unacceptable.

Antonov urged the US to stop flying near Russia's borders after UAV incident

“The unacceptable activities of the US military in the immediate vicinity of our borders are cause for concern. We understand very well the purpose for which such unmanned reconnaissance strike vehicles are used,” the head of the diplomatic mission said in a statement.

The ambassador is confident that the US drones collect intelligence information, which the Kiev regime then uses for strikes against Russia. According to Antonov, Moscow expects the US to “stop flying near Russian borders”.

Antonov also called the incident a provocation.

A reminder, earlier, the European Command of the US Armed Forces said that a Russian Su-27 fighter jet allegedly collided in the sky over the Black Sea with an American MQ-9 drone, after which the drone fell into international waters. It was alleged that the Su-27 had been performing “unsafe” manoeuvres shortly before the incident.

The Russian Defence Ministry reported that the US drone flew over the Black Sea with its transponder off and violated the boundaries of the airspace regime area, with SU-27 fighter jets flying to intercept it.

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