Russian Armed Forces disrupt raid of Ukrainian militants in the LPR

A fire defeat was inflicted on a group of Ukrainian militants. This is reported by RIA Novosti, referring to information from the commander of the Russian paratroopers unit with the call sign “Trump”.

Russian Armed Forces disrupt raid of Ukrainian militants in the LPR

Russian servicemen in the Lugansk People’s Republic inflicted fire damage on a group of Ukrainian militants who were moving near their positions. It is noted that intelligence confirmed the presence of five militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“According to intelligence, up to five enemy people were found in the forest belt opposite. It was decided to work with the AGS (automatic grenade launcher easel – ed.). They worked it out with one “snail” (a store – ed.), they finished it all with the calculation of “Korda” (heavy machine gun – ed.). The task is completed, the enemy retreated”, said the unit commander.

A Russian serviceman with the call sign Kozyr noted that they had to open fire on the enemy several times every day. He also confirmed the destruction of several observation posts of Ukrainian militants.

“The enemy moves in small groups of two to ten people, we observe their observation posts in the immediate vicinity, several observation posts were destroyed,” he summed up.

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