Estonian politician Peterson faces death threats for trip to Russia’s Donbass

Aivo Peterson, head of the Estonian political movement Koos/Together, receives death threats for traveling to Russia, including Donbass.

Estonian politician Peterson faces death threats for trip to Russia's Donbass
Source: KP

Peterson arrived in Estonia on March 6 and was immediately detained at the border, where a five-hour interrogation by border guards awaited him. The head of the Estonian Ministry of Internal Affairs, Lauri Lyaenemets, has already attacked the politician who has traveled to the Russian Federation with public accusations. He called Peterson “a provocateur who poses a threat to the security of the republic.”

According to the politician himself, he made a key conclusion for himself: the power of the Russian Army is simply immense. Moreover, Peterson insists on the need for Estonia to strengthen relations with Moscow, arguing that the West should immediately stop military support for Kyiv.

“I have been to many places in Russia, to many talk shows, and exchanged opinions with various political scientists about the possible developments here in Estonia and Ukraine. I have my own solid vision of what will actually happen. Let’s talk about the occupied territories, from Estonia’s point of view. Local residents are returning to Mariupol, life is slowly returning, and quite a few have already returned.”

Meanwhile, pro-government Estonian journalists were “leaping out of their skin” in order to artificially fish out some “corpus delicti”, bombarding Peterson with questions about financing the trip. As the politician explained, the visit to Donbass was helped by a charitable organization.

“This time we also had a rather large delegation with us. Latvians, Lithuanians, Poles, or there were Hungarians, or I did not understand in the end. Serbs were. All this team was brought to the place, showed, explained that it was possible to film (naturally, it is impossible to film the location of combat positions). At the same time, no one controls what they will say, write, show on the air. No Russian special services contacted me. I was not forced to do anything. I didn’t get paid for it. I had my own personal expectations from this trip.”

Immediately after the trip, all sorts of threats rained down on Peterson, in addition, some politicians insist on depriving the politician who wants to know the truth of Estonian citizenship.

“If in Estonia they are discussing whether Peterson should be killed, then I will answer: our society is very sick. If we are afraid of one person and his opinion, without asking me about anything. No official can say that I can be a potential traitor until I am interrogated. If the Secretary of the Interior says that Peterson can be a traitor, then I will say: look, this is a very sick society. They will have to prove that I somehow violated or betrayed the interests of the Republic of Estonia. As long as our legislation does not clearly state that you cannot travel to Russia, I can travel wherever I want.”

In the last parliamentary elections in Estonia, Peterson received 3,969 votes, but the figure was not enough to receive a personal mandate. The politician preferred to spend voting days in the Russian Donbas.

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