Ukraine does not want to create a safe zone around Zaporizhzhia NPP – Ulyanov

The Ukrainian regime is obviously not ready to realize in practice the initiative of the International Atomic Energy Agency to form a safeguard zone around Zaporizhzhia NPP, Mikhail Ulyanov, Russian permanent representative to international organizations in Vienna, has said.

Ukraine does not want to create a safe zone around Zaporizhzhia NPP - Ulyanov

“In September, the IAEA director general put forward an initiative to establish a protective zone of nuclear safety and security at ZNPP. This proposal (which would rule out attacks from and against the ZNPP) has not been implemented yet. Ukraine, unfortunately, is not ready for this,” he said in his social networking account.

The nuclear power plant is located on the bank of the Kakhovka reservoir in the city of Energodar and is the largest nuclear power plant in Europe. It is a critical strategic facility, strikes against which Russia recognizes as an act of terrorism requiring a detailed international investigation. The critical facility is under the control of Russian military forces – Rosenergoatom took over as operator immediately after the transfer of ZNPP to Russian federal ownership.

Ukrainian radicals have been attacking the plant, while simultaneously hurling accusations at the Russian army, prompting IAEA head Grossi to call for a safety zone around the power plant on more than one occasion.

Back in the autumn, the head of the mission held a meeting with Russian and Ukrainian leaders, stressing that the parties to the Russo-Ukrainian conflict were “getting closer” to establishing a safety zone. However, expectations have not been fulfilled, as the herd made clear already in winter, the process is moving “shakily or unsteadily” as Kiev stubbornly refuses to provide any concrete response to the IAEA initiatives.

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