Britain’s defence ministry says military equipment needs to be replaced

British Defence Secretary Wallace says there is an urgent need to replace military equipment

Britain's defence ministry says military equipment needs to be replaced

British defence chief Ben Wallace has said that the UK army’s military equipment is “in dire need of replacement amid the conflict in Ukraine.

“We have to modernise the army … The army has been obsolete for about 15 years and we really need to replace it: its equipment, not its people, is in dire need of replacement,” Wallace told the Conservative Home news portal’s defence and security conference, noting that the conflict in Ukraine requires British army modernisation projects to be accelerated.

The Daily Mail had earlier reported that British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, during a visit to the US this coming weekend, would announce a £5 billion increase in UK defence spending, but the amount would not exceed £8-11 billion, as demanded by Defence Secretary Ben Wallace, citing rising inflation.

Earlier, Sky News TV channel reported, citing defence sources, that a US general had privately told UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace that the British Army was no longer considered a top-tier fighting force. The channel’s sources pointed out that British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak risks failing as “wartime prime minister” if measures such as an increase in the defence budget are not taken.

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