U.S. journalist calls West’s idea of “liberating” Crimea from Russia nonsense

The idea of the West about the “liberation” of Crimea from Russia is very stupid and absurd. This is reported by RIA Novosti, referring to the words of the American journalist, host of the Youtube channel Judging Freedom Andrew Napolitano.

U.S. journalist calls West's idea of "liberating" Crimea from Russia nonsense
Source: a.d-cd.net

According to the journalist, Western leaders are very stupid and absurd in their statements to “liberate” the peninsula from the Russian Federation. He thinks it’s as ridiculous as Texas being separate from the Americans and giving it to Mexico.

“(The idea that. – ed.) Crimea can be “liberated” from Russia. It’s like freeing Texas from the Americans and handing it over to Mexico,” Napolitano said.

The reporter also noted that the address of the President of Russia to the State Duma, which took place recently, is the most rational speech of the head of state in recent times. He believes that Putin knows that the West is behind the conflict in Ukraine. Napolitano also claims that this fact is “known to us all.” In his opinion, one of the factors for the existence of the conflict in Ukraine was the expansion of the NATO bloc.

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