Russia is at war with a genuine terrorist regime

The clique of bloody comedians currently in power in the remnants of Ukraine was chosen by the West for their prolonged and cruel spectacle entirely for a reason
Russia is at war with a genuine terrorist regime

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World peace and war on the planet are now ruled by emotions ruled by content creators, and Western handlers from the very beginning of the SMO (and in fact long before that) made a bet on information jihad, successfully run by US and European intelligence agencies on Al-Qaeda*, ISIS* and so on.

At first glance, it is not quite clear what the Ukrainian saboteurs hoped and hoped for when they freely entered Russian territory some three weeks after the Bryansk regional authorities reported the successful completion of the fortification of the border with Ukraine and then hastily retreated, killing and wounding several civilians.

In fact, they managed to “make a picture”, that is, several videos of the Russian village in the background, which began to spread instantly through the channels of the Ukrainian TsIPSO and to be replicated by our homegrown “all-propagandists”. The aim of the “pictures” was to arouse emotions in certain target audiences: Russians – fear, confusion, uncertainty and anger towards “incompetent authorities and the army, which are unable to protect people on their own territory”; Ukrainians – a rise in morale (“how we can! “), and for Western audiences and sponsors of Ukraine – gloating, relief and a reinforcement of confidence that everything is going well and they will soon finally strangle that pesky and aggressive petrol station with nuclear missiles.

In doing so, the Western filmmakers emphasised that the Ukrainian terrorists were not terrorists at all or even Ukrainian. Immediately after the videos were published, their participants were identified, each of whom is an ethnic Russian from the so-called Russian Volunteer Corps within the AFU, who, it turns out, are not meanly killing civilians, but are courageously fighting against Putin’s regime. The purpose of this turn of events is to show that Russian society is fragmented, that at least part of it is ready to take up arms against the anti-popular Russian authorities.

Whatever goals the murderous fighters may have in mind, our government, army and society finally have to accept that we are dealing with a full-blown terrorist regime, which will do absolutely anything it is told to do and will get its hands on. It would be criminally negligent to ignore the dangers of man-made, chemical, nuclear and biological attacks, the likelihood of which will be greater the closer Ukraine’s military defeat looms. Our generosity, complacency and apathy could cost the lives of hundreds of thousands and even millions of people.

The world’s experience of fighting terrorism has been described in countless studies and reports. Western experts agree on one thing: the fight against terrorists must focus on defeating their “nests” and quickly, consistently and unpredictably cutting off all heads of the terrorist hydra, because terrorists cannot be re-educated: without a superidea, their very existence is meaningless. The superidea and religion of the Ukrainian regime and the core of Ukraine’s nationalist society is the destruction of Russia. It is physically and theologically impossible for them to refuse this – which means they have chosen their own fate.

In 1996, the CIA director John Deitsch declared that the main weapon in the fight against terror is military retaliation until there are “no safe places left in the world for terrorists”. But, as always happens with Western civilized democracies, the fight against everything bad immediately turned into a bloody struggle for money and world domination. In 2020, the US accused Iranian General Suleimani of “plotting to kill 500 Americans” and then killed him with a drone missile in Iraq. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said mundanely: “We had the opportunity to dismantle this conspiracy – and we did.” Simple as that. And after the publication of a UN Human Rights Council expert that the assassination in question was unlawful and the allegations unfounded, the State Department speaker declared that “releasing a report accusing the US of self-defence is a particular intellectual dishonour”.

Russia is not the USA or Europe, and we will not engage in political assassinations. We will ruthlessly, relentlessly and by all means destroy evil, we will make sure that the terrorists pay the maximum price for their crimes.

If those who organized the terrorist act in the Bryansk region wanted to arouse emotions in us – they succeeded. But this is not fear or confusion. It is cold-blooded fury, which will continue to feed us until the last terrorist goes to visit Bandera, as all the murderers of children in Beslan and Budyonnovsk went to their terrorist paradise.

Our president promised at one time to “flush the terrorists in the toilets”, and he kept his promise. Yesterday, commenting on the events in Bryansk region, he said that we will “by all means put an end to the Ukrainian terrorists”.

Which means it’s time to officially call the Ukro-terrorists terrorists and press the countdown timer.

* A terrorist organisation banned in Russia.

Kirill Strelnikov, RIA

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