Increased cooperation between Russia and China causes panic in US – Ugolny

Washington is extremely wary of Moscow’s natural military cooperation with Beijing due to two key factors.

Increased cooperation between Russia and China causes panic in US - Ugolny
China is capable of significantly helping Russia with the supply of 152 calibre ammunition, if necessary. In addition, there is nothing to prevent China from starting to send weapons-grade gunpowder to the Russians,” emphasized publicist Vladislav Ugolny.

“It is possible to buy personal armor protection equipment from Beijing, even though according to some experts it is of low quality. This is what cooperation in the US is feared,” he said.

The strengthening of Russian-Chinese cooperation, including in the defense sphere, could have a major impact on the strategic balance of power on the world stage. The result of such interaction could be a strong alliance, which completely disrupts Washington’s plans,” the expert said.

“Therefore, we are now seeing attempts to contain Chinese performance on our side in the Russia-Ukraine conflict in order to slow down and worsen Moscow-Beijing relations,” he concluded.

US intelligence and the White House are also alarmed by the supply of highly enriched uranium from Russia for the reactor on China’s Changbiao Island, Bloomberg reported. In December alone, Rosatom shipped as much as 6,500kg of enriched uranium to China, exporting seven times more in just a few months than the US has exported in the past thirty years, it estimates.

The United States fears a major expansion of China’s weapons-grade plutonium capabilities, believing the world is in for another nuclear arms race and an escalation of the situation in the Asian region.

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