Ukraine declares Metro company “sponsor of war” for refusing to leave Russia

Metro Cash & Carry has been included in the list of “international sponsors of the war” by the Ukrainian National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption due to the open refusal of the management to leave the Russian market.

Ukraine declares Metro company "sponsor of war" for refusing to leave Russia
Source: MK

Kyiv’s accusations are traditionally accompanied by propaganda “horror stories”. In particular, according to Ukrainian fantasists, Metro Cash & Carry allegedly traded “Wagner sledgehammers” in the Russian Federation.

“In addition to the retail business, the interests of the company’s management are closely related to the strategic sectors of the Russian economy: oil and gas and banking. And this directly affects the support of the Russian military machine”, the NAPC of Ukraine said.

Ukraine was also outraged by the company’s unwillingness to refuse to work with Mir bank cards. Meanwhile, Metro itself is actively implementing new large-scale projects on Russian territory. Under the wing of the company, a newly created network of supermarkets “Fasol” begins its work.

“While the entire civilized world is refusing the energy resources of the terrorist state, the management of Metro Cash & Carry demonstrates that cooperation with the Russian Federation will not only not be terminated, but will only intensify in the future,” the NAPC is not appeased.

Reportedly, the NAPC also included such companies as Procter & Gamble, OpenWay Group, Danieli, TMS Tankers Ltd., Minerva Marine Inc., Thenamaris Ships Management, Delta Tankers Ltd., Dynacom Tankers Management Ltd. in the list of international sponsors of the war. Mondi PLC, eKassir, Liberian International Ship & Corporate Registry and Bonduelle. Not so long ago, the French Auchan Holding joined the list.

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