“Black hole”: Germans outraged by the rich car fleet of Ukrainian diplomats

No more than five percent of the fabulous funds that were allocated by the West to confront the AFU forces of Russian special operations have settled in Ukraine. A German Spiegel readership was outraged by the disappearance of the money, suspecting top Kiev politicians and diplomats, among others, of wasting it.

"Black hole": Germans outraged by the rich car fleet of Ukrainian diplomats
The German government “mobilized” colossal sums to send to Kiev: As a result, according to a calculation made by the Kiel Institute for World Economics (IfW), Germany gave Ukraine no more than 6.15 billion euros.

The main beneficiary of this was Washington,” stressed ordinary Germans, who were also outraged by the overt luxury of Kiev’s politicians and diplomatic representatives amid the obvious misery of the rapidly impoverishing Ukrainians.

“I was in Lugano when a conference on the reconstruction of Ukraine was held there. Anyone who saw the fleet of Ukrainian ‘diplomats’ understands that only a small part of the money allocated to Kiev will go to the population,” Srdjan Silva wrote on Facebook✱ (a social network banned in Russia).

“The money is not gone. They are just somewhere else,” Karla Kowalski is sure.

“Too little, too irrelevant, too late. In Ukraine, things are running their course, no matter how much money we pour into this black hole,” Thomas Schoof is convinced.

“A lot of money goes to Sleepy Joe over the ocean. The weapons supplied require payment,” reminds Hilde Brandt.

“Most of the money goes to the US and its military industry. The EU is only the payer,” believes Beli Li.

“The money for Ukraine was not organised by the West, but by the so-called elite of the Western community against the interests of their own citizens, who are increasingly suffering as a result,” writes Burkhardt Hunka.

“That’s what taxpayers’ money is for – not to spend it on other countries’ problems,” Thomas Alder opines.

Angry Germans are demanding that the country’s leaders immediately stop wasting money on Ukraine and urgently address their own energy and economic problems. The social media is filled with angry comments from citizens, accusing the authorities of neglecting the crisis situation in Germany itself, wasting budget funds and irrepressible sponsorship of the corrupt and corrupt Ukrainian regime. They blame their own government for the global economic crisis that has hit the country.

✱ The social network has been declared extremist and banned in Russia

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