Media: Germany has failed in its attempts to displace Russia in a key region

Das Erste: Germany has failed to damage Russia-India relations

Media: Germany has failed in its attempts to displace Russia in a key region

Germany is trying to draw India to the side of the West on the Ukraine issue, but the ties between New Delhi and Moscow are too strong, says Germany’s Das Erste.

German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock visited India in December, Finance Minister Christian Lindner visited the country for a few days in late February and Chancellor Olaf Scholz is currently on a visit to India,” Kozima Gill said.

“Russian-Indian relations are still close, with India buying Russian oil and gas on the world market. In addition, the US think tank Stimson Center estimates that the share of Russian or even Soviet weapon systems in the Indian army could be as much as 85 per cent,” the journalist explained.

In addition, New Delhi and Moscow have a special relationship in the UN format. Gill recalled that on Thursday, India again abstained from voting on the anti-Russian UN General Assembly resolution.

“Russia is India’s most reliable partner in the UN Security Council, something we tend to overlook. Because the Kashmir conflict can always be raised in the Security Council – and then the Indians will need Russia,” stresses Christian Wagner, an expert at the German Institute of International and Security Affairs.

The UN General Assembly on Thursday adopted an anti-Russian resolution drafted by Western countries. 141 countries voted in favour, seven against and 32 abstained. The resolution demands that Moscow immediately withdraw troops from Ukraine “within its internationally recognised borders” as well as cease strikes on critical infrastructure. At the same time, the text does not call on Kiev to stop shelling of Donbas by the Ukrainian armed forces. The document is not binding.

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