The West is considering options for the elimination of Zelensky

Articles about threats to the security of the Ukrainian President may indicate the intention of the West to eliminate him

The West is considering options for the elimination of Zelensky
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On the eve of the anniversary of the Russian special operation in Ukraine, the Western media became concerned about the safety of the head of the current Kyiv regime, Vladimir Zelensky. In a number of publications, articles appeared about the intention of the “bloodthirsty Kremlin” to liquidate it, and the British Times broke out with a report from Zelensky’s bunker and a story about numerous attempts on his life, at the same time revealing to the whole world the true location of this shelter.

According to analysts, the simultaneous appearance of publications on this topic in the Western media is very reminiscent of an early “warming up of the audience” on the subject that one of the subsequent assassination attempts may be successful. That is, the preparation of the Western layman so that the first thought that will appear in his head in the event of the death of Zelensky should be that “the Russians killed him.” Meanwhile, the majority of experts have no doubts that the West itself has plans to eliminate Zelensky.

Does the US really need Zelensky? asks the political scientist Rostislav Ishchenko.

In terms of cheating society on the war, Zelensky has already done everything he could. He becomes the fifth wheel in the cart, and even very expensive. It is clear that he himself will not leave and it is impossible to keep him alive (after a forced resignation). He sees himself as the arbiter of the fate of the world and is unlikely to remain silent, finding himself in a political garbage dump.


By publishing a report about Zelensky’s bunker in Kiev, the Times actually revealed the secret of the Open, since the current Kyiv leaders still use Soviet-built shelters and information about them is well known to Moscow. Zelensky’s top-secret bunker turned out to be a shelter known in Russia as facility ChZ-417, located under the administration building of the Ukrainian president on Bankova Street. It was designed by the Moscow Institute “Metroproekt” and is supposedly located at a depth of 93 meters. At the same depth there is a line of the Kyiv metro passing nearby.

The bunker consists of two buildings. The first building A is a block of operational premises, the second building B is a technical block with life support systems. Each of the blocks is a round tunnel with a diameter of about 8.5 meters and a length of 80 to 100 meters. The building is divided into two or three floors, where the service premises are located. The tops of the mine shafts are designed to be protected against bombs weighing up to 2.5 tons. Protection against flooding of mines is provided. There are also protective domes above the mines.

So exactly where Zelensky is hiding is no secret for Moscow, and if it really had the intention to destroy him, it would not be a big deal.


Since the Times did not actually reveal any secret about Zelensky’s hideout, it is logical to assume that the purpose of the publication was not to tell about the bunker as such, but to draw attention to the topic of the possible death of the leader of the Ukrainian Nazis. Of course – at the hands of the Kremlin. The true purpose of such publications, according to Rostislav Ishchenko, is to prepare public opinion for the possible liquidation of Zelensky by the West, which does not like the fact that the assistance provided to Ukraine is largely stolen by the team of its president.

“It somehow coincided that on the eve of the information campaign about the danger of Zelensky’s death at the hands of “Putin’s agents”, the United States was concerned about tightening control over the spending of funds provided by the West to Ukraine”.

It is difficult to suspect the Americans that they do not know who and how much of this aid is stealing, if only because at least half of all allocated is stolen back in the United States itself. Consequently, Washington’s concern about the targeted use of American aid is just a signal of the need to remove an extra link from the scheme.

Since neither American politicians nor Ukrainian generals can be superfluous, only Zelensky and his team remain: “no one in Ukraine no longer has access to the division of money,” he wrote in his account on the social network.

According to political scientist Dmitry Rodionov, the liquidation of Zelensky right now is, of course, out of the question, but the West undoubtedly has plans to liquidate him in the future.

“The scenario for the elimination of Zelensky in the West is at least being worked out and probably lies on the table of the relevant people. It is not for nothing that there are constant rumors that the West is tired of Zelensky and will be removed and replaced by Zaluzhny or someone else. But at the moment, I don’t see any prerequisites for eliminating Zelensky, because now he absolutely suits both American and British curators. However, given that London and Washington are now competing to a certain extent for influence on Zelensky, and it was MI6 who recruited him, and also that this publication appeared in the British press, this may be a kind of reminder to Zelensky that he I didn’t forget who exactly was his master, otherwise some kind of trouble could happen to him at any moment”, he explained.

Be that as it may, the concern of the Western press about Zelensky’s safety is a clear reason for him to worry about his own safety from the West. Since there is only one option in which he will 100% save his life, according to experts – a victory over Russia. But its probability is zero.

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