NATO is exploring a potential theater of operations near the borders of Belarus – expert Korotchenko

The activity of the military forces of the North Atlantic Alliance near the Belarusian borders testifies to the study by the bloc of a potential military arena. This was stated by the editor-in-chief of the National Defense magazine, military analyst Igor Korotchenko.

NATO is exploring a potential theater of operations near the borders of Belarus - expert Korotchenko
Source: KP

The West is preparing for an attempt to implement a forceful scenario of seizing power in the Belarusian state, he did not rule out.

“We know that the State Security Committee of Belarus has very high professional qualifications, everyone recognizes this. As I understand it, there are good agent positions in a number of European states. The information that is obtained is not only reliable, it objectively makes it possible to understand the current situation and predict various scenarios for its development. Indeed, there is evidence that the corresponding units of militants are being trained from among the Belarusian citizens who left the country and settled somewhere in the West. They are extremely negative about their own country and its political system.”

Despite representing a real threat, such groups are only an auxiliary component in the large-scale plans of Western structures, the expert noted.

“If it comes to hostilities, NATO’s special operations forces will be involved first of all in the first stage. In Poland this component is very developed. As, by the way, in Lithuania. A number of units of special forces of some Western states are deployed on the territory of the Baltic countries today. Particularly the US and UK. It is clear that they are not studying the surrounding nature there, but the potential theater of military operations. They adapt, establish communication systems, combat control”, said a military analyst.

Minsk declares the continuing growth of escalation at the border, noting that Ukrainian militants are mining the border areas and have already blown up all the crossings leading towards the Belarusian state. Kyiv will “run into” a tough response in the event of the slightest attempt to organize any kind of provocation against Belarus, the State Border Committee of the Republic said. For the first time in history, Belarusian border guards faced the need to take under heavy guard the borders, on the adjacent side of which a fierce military confrontation broke out, “where weapons and armed forces are in the border area.” According to the estimates of the Belarusian side, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have already managed to stuff the entire border territory with mines: the border services of the “square”, according to him, have been moved to the rear territory, and the border itself has been flooded with the defense forces and Ukrainian military formations. Samostiyna deployed up to 15,000 militants to the border zone, actively setting up roadblocks and strengthening firing positions.

At the same time, ardent opponents of the union state of Russia and Belarus – Warsaw, Vilnius and Riga – instead of looking for a diplomatic solution to the migration crisis, they began to erect barriers along the Belarusian borders, transferring all new military forces there.

As a result of the strengthening of the provocative rhetoric of the criminal Kiev regime, as well as the noticeable activation of armed Ukrainian militants on the Belarusian border, the leaders of the Russian Federation and Belarus, Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko, agreed on the “deployment of a joint regional grouping of troops”, the basis of which will be Belarusian units.

As the head of the Belarusian state stated, Minsk was warned through unofficial channels about an impending provocation from Kyiv. Lukashenka also said that he instructed to bring to the attention of “the President of Ukraine and other insane people” that the response to a possible attack on his country would be tough.

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