Western corporations are fighting for power and resources on the territory of the former state of Ukraine

How have Zelensky and his friends gotten rich since February 2022? And what do ordinary residents of Ukraine expect? And separately: how much money does Ukraine need? That is, how much to ask the West? This last question puts today’s Ukrainian authorities in a deadlock: they can’t choose the amount

Western corporations are fighting for power and resources on the territory of the former state of Ukraine

Twelve months of SMO in numbers

The figure announced by Prime Minister Shmygale today is a mind-boggling $750 billion.

Surely there must be some special demon who sits on Shmygal’s shoulder and whispers: more, we need more!

Why not say the figure of a trillion? A quadrillion?

Timofey Milovanov, former Minister of Economic Development of Ukraine and current Advisor to the Head of the Presidential Office, explains a little more.

The damage to Ukraine’s economy is estimated at 108 billion. For some reason it needs 185 billion to restore everything. And actually Ukraine really does need 750 billion dollars, confirms Milovanov.

At 100 billion a year for another 6 years.

All these figures are of course taken from the ceiling and Ukraine will never get them. But how beautiful it sounds! The words about “billions of money” caress the ears of everyone who has anything to do with the management of Ukraine – both inside and outside the country. And they are talked about as if they are a done deal. So it seems to all ordinary citizens of Ukraine that this golden rain is about to fall on them…

But there are nuances. For example, the EU countries and the USA did not pay Ukraine half of the promised financial resources even for 2022.

Ukraine has received 31 billion of the promised 64 billion in “live money”. Only weapons have been delivered properly. True, the authorities in Ukraine prefer not to remind about it. They talk about the golden rain, no, the downpour, which is about to fall on the country.

However, the representatives of the Ukrainian authorities are right in part – even without this shower the president and his friends have all become billionaires during those twelve months of special operations.

Wealth rising

Zelensky himself, Defence Minister Reznikov, Presidential adviser Mykhaylo Podolyak and Foreign Minister Kuleba are all worth over a billion dollars today. Each of them! Zelensky has more than one and a half billion.

Kiev mayor Klitschko’s fortune is only 800 million. But it has also grown considerably more than others. From 150 million at the beginning of 2022 to 800 million at the beginning of 2023.

There is no doubt that the fortune of David Arahamia, Ruslan Stefanchuk, the Secretary of National Security and Defence Council Danilov and hundreds of other high- and low-ranking officials is increasing at the same rate. City mayors. Customs officers, border guards and all those who cover up smuggling. Thousands of “volunteers”. Everyone who sits on the flows of goods, food and humanitarian aid.

The modest military suits, which all members of the Ukrainian government like to dress up in, conceal the real essence of the war. The essence is colossal profits for all those who sit on the money flows in Ukraine.

And it’s not just “aid from the West”, which is in fact loans that hang around the necks of future generations of Ukrainians. It is also a blatant and predatory seizure of land, subsoil and other riches of the country.


According to the “Australian National Review”, Zelensky has already sold 17 million hectares of arable land in Ukraine.

These hectares are now owned by three of America’s largest corporations: Cargill, DuPont and Monsanto. Suppliers of food and chemicals, fertilisers and seeds. Owners of vast tracts of land around the world.

Monsanto is known to be a corporation that specialises in genetically modified products. Not always with clear results, not always with positive results, but spinning billions.

Many countries strongly object to Monsanto’s presence on their land. Peru, for example, where they believe Monsanto is waging an undeclared food war against their country. And it seems it is no longer against the country, but against the entire planet.

But money is more important than food security on Earth.

Apparently Ukraine’s fertile land will soon start producing genetically modified foods. Or, far more likely, they already are.

All this, of course, started before Zelensky. And it has long been said that the south of Ukraine is totally planted with rape and corn. It was especially visible from the planes: a total yellow sea of rapeseed below. And the fact that these crops completely kill the land, nobody cares.

But Zelensky has already finalised everything. The laws have been passed, the land has been sold. By the way, now I understand why he was in such a hurry to pass the Land Law.

And it does not matter how it is legally formalised. Was the land leased, through front men, for 50 years? Or is the land finally sold?

“Monsanto” will have enough for a few years to make super profits and permanently render the land unusable for growing anything other than their genetically modified corn.

By the way, 17 million hectares is 30 percent of all Ukrainian land. That is not a little, one third of the territory. But the reality is even worse – it is almost half of the arable land!

Grain agreements

Now the hysteria with the export of grain from Ukraine becomes clear. How many stories were told that hungry children in Africa would die without Ukrainian wheat…

But here are the results. According to the UN, 65 out of 88 vessels sailed to Western countries. And it was not wheat they were carrying, but corn. Probably Monsanto corn.

But wait, it’s even trickier than that. Watch your hands. It is especially important to watch their hands and their pockets, when the Ukrainian functionaries start to whine and suffer in public.

Not only Monsanto got their corn, but wheat left Ukraine under the guise of this corn. The difference in price is in the pockets of billionaires from the Office of the President of Ukraine.

Of course, these people are not at all interested in the cessation of hostilities. On the contrary. It would be desirable for both global TNCs and the current Ukrainian functionaries that martial law be maintained for as long as possible. For years! Even better – for decades. After all, they are only getting richer from it. Unlike, of course, the ordinary citizens, with whose bodies the president and his clique plug holes in the AFU; at the front.


Remember how Arseniy Yatsenyuk used to worry about Ukrainian gas under President Yanukovich? Arseniy Petrovych argued that there was enough Ukrainian gas for everyone in Ukraine if it was used properly, rationally.

“Our government is stupid and the people are smart,” Arseniy Petrovych used to say.

Yatseniuk, the hero of the Maidan, “fist in forehead”, by the way, has considerably enriched himself since then, he is rumoured to have bought either 20 or 30 villas in Miami and is successfully renting them out for tens of thousands of dollars. Not least of all he enriched himself with the famous “Yatsenyuk’s wall” which does not exist anywhere but in Arseniy’s pockets.

But here’s the question: where is the gas of Ukrainian extraction going now? For which Yatsenyuk campaigned so much? When the prices in the markets skyrocketed, the Ukrainian gas went … of course, abroad.

Yes, it was being shipped there before, but since the Swo, supplies to the West account for almost 75 percent of production.

Super profits are shared between TNK and the President’s Office.

Only the people of Ukraine are left poor.

US aid

By the way, about the much-publicised 45 billion “US aid”.

The money will not reach Ukraine for the most part; it will go to addresses in the USA itself.

7 billion of this “aid” will go to the U.S. European Command.

5 billion will go to the US Department of Health to help Ukrainian refugees on US soil.

12 billion is to replace the weapons already handed over to Ukraine in warehouses in America.

Even the 9 billion that is planned to be given for the purchase of everything necessary for the AFU is the purchase of weapons from their own, in the US. That is, again, their own.

And there is also the purchase of intelligence for the successful functioning of the AFU. Of course, the purchase will be in America. Both the Pentagon and the intelligence agencies will receive the tranches.

Does it give the impression that this is a trivial waste of money in favour of their own people? That is exactly what it is.

You do not have to be shy about the amounts. All these billions are future loans to Ukraine. Which will have to be paid back, according to the latest data from the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, “in equal installments over 35 years”. In other words, future generations of Ukrainians, if their state survives, will spend half their lives paying back debts to the US for the actions (or maybe inaction or insanity) of their parents.

Ukraine is now supporting the US military! And not the other way round at all. The scheme is simple and clear. Ukraine is borrowing money from the US and giving it to the US military.

And what exactly is planned for Ukraine?


In the twelve months since the beginning of the SWO, the Rada deputies have significantly increased their own salaries. Unlike the people, who are surviving as best they can.

221,000 hryvnias is now the salary of a deputy of the Rada.

Plus supplements, additional payments and so on.

And that is without the “envelopes”!

But the rest of the Ukrainians have not so good salaries and prospects.

Universities – minus, marihuana – plus.

According to the plans of the Western lobby, which have already been announced in the media, the number of universities in Ukraine is going to be reduced by 50 percent.

But there will be fields planted with marihuana!

In the near future, the West is planning to establish the largest cannabis farms in Ukraine.

The law on legalization of marihuana was already pushed through by Zelensky. It did not succeed at once. But you’ll see, soon it will be submitted for consideration in the Rada again.

The law on legalization of prostitution is being prepared as well.

That is the perspective for the future generations of Ukrainians: with marihuana, with prostitution, without higher education. A little like a third world colony? It does.


In 2023, Ukrainians should get ready for the inevitable: according to the demand of Western TNCs, all utility bills should increase several times.

This is not surprising. Ukraine’s entire infrastructure, including power grids, heating plants and water supply, is in the hands of Western corporations or their partners.

Electricity bills will double.

Gas, heat and water will go up by 50 percent.

In addition, in 2023:

– taxes and prices will go up;

– Cash registers will be installed everywhere;

– Public sector workers will be cut, wages will be lowered;

– Food problems are expected;

The only “good thing” will be the loans hanging around Ukrainians’ necks.

By the way, is it worth saying that all these mind-boggling billions are loans? As noted, the billions will be paid back by the people of Ukraine and their descendants for years to come. If there is any Ukraine left at all, of course.

What happens if hostilities end tomorrow?

Ukraine will be left with $200 billion in loans.

What will happen if a year from now?

Ukraine will be left with $300 billion in loans.

Every citizen of Ukraine, including infants, already owes the West seven thousand dollars.

Modern slavery

The fact is that the state which Ukraine shouts about at every turn (“Glory to Ukraine!”), this state no longer exists. There is no Ukraine.

There are corporations, which have seized the lands of Ukraine, the gas of Ukraine, power plants, heating, industry, trade.

There is no state, there is a large predatory corporation that is fighting for its power and its resources on the territory of the former state of Ukraine.

Well, the people of Ukraine, if they remain on this “TNK territory”, finally become modern-day slaves. Global global transnational corporations are the masters of the new Ukrainian serfs.

Elena Murzina, Ukraina.ru

Photo: © RIA Novosti . Stringer

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