Russia did not give security guarantees to Biden during his visit to Kyiv

FSB director Bortnikov noted that the United States notified Russia of the visit through diplomatic channels.

Russia did not give security guarantees to Biden during his visit to Kyiv

Russia did not give security guarantees to US President Joe Biden during his visit to Kyiv, FSB Director Alexander Bortnikov said in an interview with the Shot Telegram channel.

“The United States did notify Russia about Biden’s visit to Kyiv – through the diplomatic line. We did not give guarantees of his safety”, said Bortnikov.

The head of the FSB noted that cooperation between Russia and the United States through the special services continues and, first of all, concerns the issues of combating international terrorism.

“There is this cooperation, but, of course, it is not at the same level as it was before, so no one benefits from this. Everyone is interested in maintaining relations,” he added.

At the same time, according to Bortnikov, the West is behind the threats from the special services of Ukraine.

“This also applies to what happened on the Crimean bridge,” he explained, noting that the FSB is using all the experience gained in previous years. “Given all these processes, I believe that the president has exceptionally clearly focused on all issues that are very important for us from the point of view of ensuring security,” the head of the FSB added.

Biden visited Kyiv on Monday, February 20, the visit was kept secret until the last.

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