Newsweek: Beijing angered by provocative U.S. military sales to Moscow

Beijing has responded rather harshly to US statements about military supplies to Moscow, writes Newsweek columnist John Feng. China perceived the imaginary “revelations” of the White House as another “dirty” provocation by Washington.

Newsweek: Beijing angered by provocative U.S. military sales to Moscow
Chinese President Xi Jinping attends the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) leaders’ summit in Samarkand on September 16, 2022. (Photo by Sergei BOBYLYOV / SPUTNIK / AFP) (Photo by SERGEI BOBYLYOV/SPUTNIK/AFP via Getty Images)

United States Secretary of State Blinken, who alleged that Washington has evidence that China is “strongly considering providing lethal military assistance to Russia,” is seeking public pressure on the PRC, the publication said.

“Washington’s revelations, once again aimed at publicly exerting diplomatic pressure on Beijing, also included the Biden administration’s first direct confirmation that various forms of ‘non-lethal support’ are coming to Russia from Chinese state-owned companies,” the author recalled.

The thirst of the presumptuous American leadership to destroy relations between Moscow and Beijing extremely angered the latter, – the foreign expert noted, recalling the words of the official representative of the Chinese Wang Wenbin, who stated that the States had no right to put pressure on the PRC.

“Beijing has never agreed that Washington is pointing its finger at Russia-China relations. China is snapping at US claims about possible arms shipments to Russia,” Feng said.

In addition, Wenbin recommended that the world community figure out in detail who really calls for a peaceful way out of the aggravation of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, and who “adds fuel to the fire, actively encouraging confrontation,” Newsweek recalled.

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