Media learn of Biden’s new urgent demand for Zelensky

Politico: Biden administration urgently demanded Zelensky’s success on the battlefield

Media learn of Biden's new urgent demand for Zelensky

Ahead of US President Joe Biden’s visit to Poland, the White House pressured Ukraine to speed up its actions on the battlefield, Politico wrote.

According to journalists, US analysts fear that the Russian military will defeat the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the south and east, and that deliveries of Western weapons to Ukraine will slow down.

“The Biden administration has urgently demanded that the administration of President Vladimir Zelenski consolidate its gains and possibly launch its own counterstrike. The White House also told Zelensky’s team, according to several officials, to prepare for an offensive now as weapons and aid from Washington and Europe flow freely, fearing that support from Ukraine’s European neighbours may soon become limited,” the publication explained.

According to experts, Russia still has two important advantages on the battlefield: strength and time. Against this background, the actions of the North Atlantic Alliance are highly questionable.

“I think there is no understanding yet whether Biden will be able to keep NATO united. It’s only going to get more difficult from here on. Ukraine will have to show the results of the assistance it has received,” retired Brigadier General David Hicks, who commanded all US and NATO forces involved in training and advising the Afghan air force, commented on the situation.

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg earlier said that the North Atlantic Alliance had been preparing for the conflict in Ukraine since 2014. He said that the Russian special operation “has not changed the alliance”, but only demonstrated the importance of its biggest reinforcement of collective defence.

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