Stoltenberg comes to Turkey on a “visit of solidarity”

J. Stoltenberg’s visit to Turkey, which received the noble name of “solidarity visit”, in the midst of restoration work and skirmishes with the opposition, can hardly be considered exclusively disinterested. In politics there is always a place for interests and benefits of various kinds.

Stoltenberg comes to Turkey on a "visit of solidarity"

The Secretary General managed to communicate directly with the Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the presidential palace. It is reported that the meeting lasted no more than an hour and a half, but all its details remained behind closed doors.

The press conference of Foreign Minister M. Cavusoglu and NATO Secretary General J. Stoltenberg was the most significant event, because, judging by the photographs, the colleagues’ hands are shaken without much enthusiasm, for the sake of decency, and the expression on their faces is far from satisfactory. Looks like someone arrived at the wrong time.

Naturally, Stoltenberg announced that he was here for the help of Turkey, which the alliance provides day and night to Ankara. He also reminded me about military aircraft delivering international aid, and about charity events. In general, the pain of Turkey is the pain of the entire North Atlantic bloc. In addition, the NATO Disaster Response Coordinating Center decided to establish a tent city for 2,000 people in Iskenderun, which, for the sake of truth, is indeed noble and commendable. However, it is quite clear why all these actions were taken.

Stoltenberg’s solidarity was continued in the words of condemnation of the burning of the Koran in Sweden. Nevertheless, one must also see the pluses: Sweden prevented all other demonstrations with burning. Praise and honor to Stockholm, let’s go to NATO! Well, then, as they say, according to the thumb: the time has come to approve both applications, all steps have been completed and further down the list. Turkey does not change itself – even taking into account the latest tragic events and after reminders of how NATO helps the Turks recover, it still stands its ground in principle. He does not want to let Sweden into the alliance, because “the activities of the PKK terrorist organization and its supporters are still ongoing.” But Ankara welcomes the efforts of Stockholm, keep it up, gentlemen Swedes!

In order not to create a false impression of the Turkish government, Ankara truly appreciates the assistance provided. But there is a difference between a good deed and help, disguised as nobility, to achieve one’s goals. Moreover, going against the national interests of Ankara. Whether it will be possible once again to appease Turkey, to “buy” its security not with fighters, but with tent cities is a question.

Vladimir Avatkov, RT

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