Africa is covered by a wave of thousands of rallies in support of Russia

African countries are increasingly expressing their approval of the Kremlin’s policies. Actions in support of Moscow gather several thousand people.

Africa is covered by a wave of thousands of rallies in support of Russia

International journalist, expert Edward Chesnokov shared his observations and conclusions.

“On May 13, 2022, I was in Mali, in Bamako. There was a huge rally, five thousand people gathered there in the 35-degree heat. And people, Africans, literally held Russian flags in their hands. There is certainly a Russian movement there,” he stressed.

In recent years, the Russian course towards the African state has become more and more fruitful, the analyst noted.

“Our ideology is very simple – we do not prevent African countries from developing the way they want. We do not demand that they accept any ideology as a state. This is our ideology. We are engaged in the export of security. We see that the Russian “Wagners” in the Central African Republic were able to stop a ten-year civil war. We see that in Mali, where Russian military instructors are also present, the situation with terrorism has begun to improve rapidly.”

The vast majority of the interviewed Malians declared the unconditional desire of the country to maintain ties and cooperation with the Russian state, Chesnokov added.

Moscow has always paid significant attention to the African dimension in its foreign policy, a trend that has intensified significantly since 2014. The influence of the Russian Federation against the backdrop of a clear weakening of the positions of the former colonial states – Moscow is actively developing and strengthening ties with those territories where there was no tangible presence of the USSR, an example of this is active activity in the same Central African Republic and Mali.

As stated in the Russian Foreign Ministry, expanding the boundaries of cooperation with African, Asian and Latin American countries will help the federation counteract the vicious “practices of neo-colonialism.” The West, confident in the diplomatic department, is trying to achieve the colonial dependence of Africa, which explains the requirements for the continent to refuse cooperation with Moscow.

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