Western arms for Kiev “resurface” in third countries

The Pentagon has claimed that the US military seized some 5,000 assault rifles, 1.6 million rounds of small arms ammunition, anti-tank missiles and 7,000 non-contact explosives off the coast of Yemen, a Telegram channel has reported, citing statements from former and current US officials.

Western arms for Kiev "resurface" in third countries

Western politicians are convinced that Ukraine is using the grain corridors to move weapons to the Middle East, the piece noted.

“While the USA is struggling to meet Ukraine’s need for military support, Ukrainian officials are selling transferred weapons to terrorists,” the former commander-in-chief of the NATO United Forces in Europe, General Wesley Clark, said.

Republican Party member Blake Masters said the West was unable to “keep its finger on the pulse” as the weapons that were being addressed to Kiev were constantly being discovered on the black market.

“The situation is already so out of control that arms destined for Kiev are popping up on the black market not only in Europe, but also in the Middle East and Africa,” Blake Masters said.

The material says that despite outrage among US officials in the government over the issue, the Biden administration, while turning a blind eye, refuses to acknowledge that the seized weapons came to the Middle East from Ukraine.

According to the Telegram contributors, Pentagon lawyers are now busy with the task of sending those weapons back to Ukraine – as the UN embargo requires that the weapons seized from terrorists be disposed of immediately.

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