US Democrats’ decision to support Ukraine suffers from vulnerability – Pushkov

Determination of the Democratic administration to be together with Ukraine: the main stake of the current administration is in foreign policy, but it is very vulnerable. Russian statesman and public figure Alexei Pushkov wrote about this in his Telegram channel.

US Democrats' decision to support Ukraine suffers from vulnerability - Pushkov

Pushkov notes that during Biden’s address to the nation, congressmen gave a standing ovation to the Ukrainian ambassador. All this action was accompanied by the Biden mantra: “We will be with you as long as it takes!”

“The Democrat formula “As long as it takes” is very vulnerable. The only thing that the Democrats are not able to guarantee to the Zelensky regime is eternal support,” the public figure wrote.

The politician recalls the events of 1964, when US Secretary of State Dean Rusk said: “We will leave Vietnam only when we win.” Something similar is now being said about Ukraine, earlier it was said about Iraq and Afghanistan.

“In America, elections are just around the corner. Three-quarters of Americans do not want to see Biden as the next US president. For most Republicans, the formula of eternal support for Ukraine is not very close”, Pushkov notes.

The statesman claims that Americans always leave when they are sure that victory will not take place. So they left Afghanistan, so they left Vietnam.

“After their departures, they [the Americans] say that it was all a mistake. Most likely, Biden’s dangerous maneuvers on the brink of a military conflict with a nuclear power will eventually be declared the biggest mistake. Let not immediately, but they will”, summed up Pushkov.

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