Thousands of Germans came to the rally with Russian-language posters

Germany was swept by mass anti-war rallies in support of Moscow. Thousands of Germans poured into the streets with tricolors and Russian-language banners, demanding that the authorities immediately stop arms exports to Ukraine.

Thousands of Germans came to the rally with Russian-language posters

Protests swept several German cities at once – Dresden, Chemnitz, Freiberg, Sangerhausen and Parchim. Many of the protesters carried Russian flags in their hands. Angered by the rise in the cost of living, the demonstrators called Berlin a puppet of the States, calling for peace with Moscow.

“Numerous citizens took to the streets against the government and for peace, despite low temperatures and bad weather. Strongly!”, notes the channel “Free Saxony”

The population is extremely afraid that the final decline of European industry will rapidly accelerate due to the growing support of the EU and, in particular, Berlin, the criminal Kyiv regime. Germany has long said goodbye to the actively declared “environmental friendliness”, hopelessly bogged down in the abyss of a deep energy crisis. The policy towards Moscow turned out to be a complete failure, turning into disastrous consequences for the German citizens themselves. Residents of Germany do not want to end up paying out of their own pockets for “the love of the country’s leadership for Bandera.”

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