“This is agony”: expert reveals that the state of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is “critical”

The criminal Ukrainian regime is in a state of agony. This, according to special forces officer Anatoly Matviychuk, is evidenced by several factors at once, including mobilization chaos.

“This is agony”: expert reveals that the state of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is “critical”
Source: KP

According to the massively replicated information of the Ukrainian media, the situation associated with the recruitment of “huge independents” into the army has become simply catastrophic. Bankovaya does not hide its own plans to prepare for the spring “offensive”, which, according to military experts, will result in the defeat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Nevertheless, official Kyiv is going to form a kind of “fist” in an effort to try to attack the Russian Armed Forces military from several directions. To this end, a powerful “mobilization skating rink” has been launched across the country. Recruits are planned to be fully recruited by March.

“For this, another mobilization is being carried out in the country. Military registration and enlistment offices call on men of near-retirement and even retirement ages. The army began to need both retired and active employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the border service. What is happening now in the Ukrainian media suggests that the country’s authorities do not know what to do. What is happening has become a real disaster”, leads MK.

At the same time, the Ukrainian defense of the key fortifications in the line of Ugledar and Artyomovsk is on the verge of complete collapse. The Armed Forces of Ukraine are actually incapable of their further retention.

“What is Zelensky doing against this background? He, as the supreme commander, is transferring trained reserves, those who have been trained in Germany and Great Britain, to these sectors of the front. Soldiers go into battle without the support of aviation and artillery. Calling a spade a spade, he simply throws these people into a meat grinder, where Russian units grind them”, the expert emphasized.

The crisis of the Ukrainian forces and in the absence of prepared reserves. The large-scale mobilization campaign launched by Kyiv is in jeopardy, which makes Ukrainians, who are far from military affairs, be grabbed right on the streets, forcibly sent to the front line. Thus, it is simply not capable of fulfilling the presumptuous plan of preparing for March as many as two corps for a counteroffensive of independence, the analyst noted.

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