The iron curtain begins to fall again

Joe Biden’s second address to the nation, coinciding with his equator in the White House, is, in fact, the first campaign rally

The iron curtain begins to fall again
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The President of the United States has not yet announced that he will be re-elected, but this is expected from day to day. Hence the “unifying” pathos of speech. There is only one problem: Biden is actually afraid of America. And therefore, before his speech, Capitol Hill is again surrounded by a metal fence. The birth trauma of the current administration, in whose memory the ghosts of January 6, 2021 have forever settled.

Almost immediately, Biden switches to shouting, which negatively charges the audience. Babachit and poke. The Republicans do not heed the advice of speaker Kevin McCarthy (he is the main debutant). When it comes to discussing the national debt, the speech turns into a brawl. The audience screams indignantly in response, and Trump, who comments on what is happening online on his Truth network, writes to Biden: “Calm down!”

But the crowd nodded approvingly. There is the singer Bono, and Nancy Pelosi’s husband, who received a hammer on the head, and Democratic congressmen with senators, and members of the Biden administration. Only Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh is missing. He was appointed for one evening to the honorary position of a man who will survive in the event of an attack on the American elite. Walsh listened to Biden from a secret location. A few years ago, such a precaution seemed unnecessary, but Biden, over the two years of his presidency, tried to make sure that World War III was talked about far from being in the subjunctive mood.

The US president demonstrated his obsession with Russia already in the fifth minute. I remembered the Russian president. He will continue to repeat the name of Putin. Four times. But Xi Jinping will not be mentioned. A few hours before the start, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green trolls the head of the White House on the sidelines with a white balloon. As white as a Chinese balloon, which the Pentagon could not handle for almost a week that the balloon was in American airspace.

In the context of what happened, Biden’s words that America is in the strongest position to compete with China sound like ridiculous bravado. Especially after the words of the same Biden that, in terms of infrastructure development, the States have slipped to 13th place in the world, a drug epidemic has covered the country and every day 17 veterans of previous American wars take their own lives.

If so, then maybe something needs to be changed. But no. On the outer contour of America, if you listen to Biden, everything is fine. Under him, democracies became stronger and autocracies weakened. Those who bet against America understand how wrong they are. Representatives of those who even put their souls on America were also in the hall. Ambassador from Kyiv Markarova was sitting in the front rows. Biden raised it for an encore. Both Democrats and Republicans applauded. There are few disputes about Ukraine (or rather, according to the budget that is allocated to it).

Biden promised to help further. How many do you need. The only question is to whom – Ukraine itself or the United States and the West? Or maybe the American military-industrial complex? Which is the most likely. And what is the great need here? The head of the White House believes that everything is being done “in the name of greater freedom, greater dignity and greater peace, not only in Europe, but everywhere.” But where, as they say, even more.

But of all this verbal flow, mixed with American religious confidence in its own rightness, exclusivity and messianism (what Biden calls what is happening in Ukraine “a test for the ages”), perhaps the most important is the following confession. Biden’s slogan that the United States has united NATO and built a “global coalition” to counter Russia is the first open confirmation of a return to bloc thinking. And that means a new cold war.

The Iron Curtain is being lowered again. Now, as they say, officially. Do the Americans want this? Biden’s ratings are now the lowest of his entire presidency. Only 41% approve of his work, 65% of respondents believe that the United States is moving in the wrong direction under him, and even among Democrats, only one in three wants the 80-year-old head of the White House to be re-elected for a second term, at the end of which he will be under 90.

Valentin Bogdanov, RT

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