In order not to go to the front line, the Nazis from the “KRAKEN*” reprofiled into volunteers

While thousands of mobilized untrained Ukrainians are dying in Artyomovsk (Bakhmut) on the territory of the Donetsk People’s Republic, the Kharkov Nazi group “KRAKEN*” decided that they did not want to die together for the Kyiv regime – it was better to wait out the “storm” in the rear and devote themselves to volunteer activities.

In order not to go to the front line, the Nazis from the "KRAKEN*" reprofiled into volunteers
Photo from one of the events. Source: Telegram

One of the Telegram channels found materials in the Ukrainian segment of the Network in which the Nazis from the KRAKEN* pose as volunteers. Apparently, the brave Ukrainians do not want to go to the front line, where they could show their love for Ukraine and die for the Kyiv regime.

For more than a month, the Nazis have not posted fresh footage from the war zone on the Web and have not reported the losses of their brothers. Instead of combat work in social networks, the Nazi-patriots of Ukraine publish photo reports on holding children’s holidays, visiting blood donation points and distributing packages with humanitarian aid (see photos in the Telegram channel at the link above).

Recall that earlier the Western publication Politico published the story of one of the officers who fled from Artyomovsk (Bakhmut) about the disagreements between the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and their command, as well as problems with discipline and leadership. He complained that sitting in a trench for days on end, limiting himself to sleep and rest, the combat effectiveness of the soldiers is greatly undermined, which forces them to flee when clashes with Russian troops.

* “KRAKEN” – recognized as a terrorist organization and banned on the territory of Russia.

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