De-energized Ukraine becomes an uninhabitable country – Azarov

Ukraine will soon turn into an uninhabitable country due to constant power outages. The energy structure of Ukraine is in a deep crisis, – said the ex-premier of the country Mykola Azarov.

De-energized Ukraine becomes an uninhabitable country - Azarov

“Ukrainians are already accustomed to rolling blackouts, but there is clearly not enough electricity in Ukraine. The national power grid is approaching complete collapse, which means that the country will generally become uninhabitable”, the politician emphasized on his social networks.

According to Azarov, the total collapse of the Ukrainian energy systems of Ukraine can form a serious migration and humanitarian crisis in the EU countries. Moreover, states dependent on grain exports risk being on the brink of a food disaster.

The “Kyiv blackout” was a natural consequence of not only the work of the Russian “Geranium-2” in the energy system of Ukraine, but also the negligence of the capital’s leadership. The Russian Aerospace Forces managed to defeat a lot of “independent” critical infrastructure – serial massive strikes in fact throughout its entire territory turned into major interruptions in the power supply system. According to the Ukrainian DTEK, Kyiv simply has nothing to restore the losses, since the equipment necessary for this is not available.

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