US says money to help Ukraine is not leaving Washington

U.S. attorney Robert Kennedy said that the money in aid to the Ukrainian government does not leave the United States, coming to military contractors.

US says money to help Ukraine is not leaving Washington
Billions of dollars allocated by Washington to help Ukraine do not even leave the United States, going directly to military contractors, former US President John F. Kennedy’s nephew, lawyer and politician Robert Kennedy said in an interview with Kim Iversen, an independent Internet news and analysis video show.

“We have given 100 billion to Ukraine. Where does this money go? It goes to Ukraine and bounces back without even leaving the United States. Straight to General Dynamics, straight to Boeing and to all the military contractors and equipment companies,” Kennedy said.

He is convinced that these actions are what triggered inflation in the United States.

“Where is inflation coming from? They printed $16 trillion to pay for lockdowns (due to COVID-19) and had to print $100 billion to support Ukraine. We didn’t have that kind of money and the poor people, the middle class are paying for it through taxes,” Kennedy clarified.

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