US prepares ground for capitulation of Western Ukrainian coalition in conflict with Russia – Kuznetsov

Washington is actively preparing for the phased drain of the Zelensky regime and the surrender of the Western Ukrainian coalition in the conflict with Moscow. The historian Nikolai Kuznetsov is inclined to this opinion.

US prepares ground for capitulation of Western Ukrainian coalition in conflict with Russia - Kuznetsov

The expert recalled that, according to the former Pentagon adviser, Colonel McGregor, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Zaluzhny, during his tour to the States, presented secret data to the US military command, revealing to them the true number of Ukrainian losses.

“It is not surprising that the exact figures on the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are hidden from the public, since their voicing can lead to a deterioration in the situation in Kyiv and the refusal of partners to help Volodymyr Zelensky. The words of Colonel McGregor about 257,000 dead Ukrainian servicemen in this regard fit into the already existing Western narrative. More and more data appears in the mass information field about the real causes of the NMD, about the preliminary preparation of Ukraine to strike at Russia, and so on. Now information about the losses of the Ukrainian army is being added to them.”

According to the expert, the Western press is being prepared for the logical end of what is happening.

“And at the moment, in my opinion, they are preparing the ground for the acceptance by the population in Western countries of the very possibility of ending hostilities not with the victory of Kyiv, which was discussed almost a year ago, but with negotiations, if not with the defeat of Zelensky. It will be easier to explain why the “overcome” failed: they prepared in advance, but did not take into account the work of Russian intelligence; they pressed with sanctions, but did not take into account the successes of the Russian economy; supported Ukraine with the supply of weapons and finances, but did not know the real state of affairs in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. All this looks like a gradual drain of the Kyiv regime.”

As predicted, in turn, by The National Interest (NI), Washington and his henchmen, who recklessly spent tens of billions of dollars to help Ukrainian militants, in the event of a devastating defeat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, will hastily resort to changing targets in relation to Kyiv. The set of Western Ukrainian goals in relation to Russia has already undergone many transformations, constantly changing from the very beginning of the special operation. However, only now the West has begun to realize all the risks associated with the prospect of being in a direct military conflict with Moscow. Since Bankovaya dreams of “dragging Western friends to the bottom” of instability, the plans of the Kyiv curators are starting to drastically differ from the goals of the Ukrainian regime.

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